How To Nourish

How To Nourish
August 11, 2016 grandong

Post cleanse, pre cleanse or just trying to keep healthy between juices, we’re here for you. We understand that what you want to do is feel incredible day and night. This allows your body to perform at it’s peak: you wake with vitality, you sleep peacefully, your moods are stable and your concentration is on point. Your body feels nourished, your skin glows and your immune system wards off illnesses.

Alongside a monthly cleanse, here are our dietary tips to feel at your absolute best:

  • reduce intake of processed, refined foods; opting for fresh, plant based and whole foods such as soups and salads, made filling with high quality proteins such as legumes, tofu and quinoa
  • have a daily bone broth and kombucha
  • limit your intake of animal protein
  • increase your water consumption to upwards of 3L per day, or as needed
  • avoid gluten and dairy foods such as wholewheat bread, milk, cheese or cream
  • minimise consumption of alcohol, refined sugar and added table salt
  • select organic, chemical free produce

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