Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
August 11, 2016 grandong

Movement is key to the functionality of our body: we are designed to feel fluid and free! Due to sedentary lifestyles, unfortunately this isn’t the case. As a result, the body doesn’t have the opportunity to release toxins, circulation is reduced and we feel sluggish. If this is you, we strongly recommend our 2, 3 or 5 day juice cleanse (hyperlink) to clear our dead cells and enhance movement of nutrients, removal of endotoxins and restoring energy. If you are about to cleanse, are in the process or have just finished, this is equally as important for you.

  • walk and spend time in nature for 30 minutes daily, which has shown to have a calmative effect on your nervous system, promoting overall healing
  • set aside a minimum 20 minutes for yoga and deep breathing exercises daily, supporting the relaxation of your body, as well as encouraging the blood flow
  • engage in 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity 3-5 times weekly from a variety of different exercises you enjoy. This encourages sweating, mobilises oxygen distribution throughout the body and has positive impact on weight management, disease prevention, mood enhancement and cognitive performance*.
  • look for opportunities to be active – walk as an alternative to driving when the distance is nearby, and seek to involve family and friends in activities such as hiking and bike rides.

*We do not recommend this during any juice cleanse

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