Habits For Health

Habits For Health
August 11, 2016 grandong

Feeling good is more than what we put in our body, it comes from our habits, our intensions and how we create the world around us. To complement our organic ranges, we have some wonderful advice regarding actions you can implement that optimise your overall wellness.

  • have a weekly epsom salt bath to begin purify your skin cells and enhance the release of toxins
  • have himalayan salt lamps in your home and office to purify the air you inhale
  • upon rising and going to sleep spend 10 minutes writing how incredible it feels to be cleansing, healing and nurturing your body, allowing it to function at it’s peak. Consider how energetic and mentally clear you feel, and imagine how wonderful it is to have your health restored to it’s greatest capacity. If you’re not feeling this way, that’s ok. Simply imagine – and then, skip over to our juice cleanse page (hyperlink) so you can make this your reality.
  • prior to your daily shower, use a soft body brush to stimulate circulation and remove dead particles from epithelial cells

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